Testemunhos de Pais 

Testemunhos de varias famílias sobre os benefícios do Kindermusik para as suas crianças e sobre a metodologia para o ensino do Inglês. Todos os dias, os pais levam os seus filhos junto do Kindermusik para aprender, rir, crescer e fortalecer os laços.
Sandra, mãe da Laura
A great program to introduce the children to be attentive to all the English things we see in our daily life and to enjoy learning more and more
Sónia, mãe do David
Not only my kid is having a lot of fun in the classes, he is clearly learning the language"
Ana, mãe da Gloria 
A complete pedagogic program well constructed and captivating not only for children but also for new parents
Patricia, mãe da Maria e Manuel
It is a very complete lesson, and it is a different and stimulating way of teaching english to young kids, where they learn playing and having fun
Sónia Rei, mãe do Filipe
The approach to the English language is done in a very pleased way
Luisa, mãe da Yasmine
The social development that is happens in the classes. The teacher is amazing